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Building upon over one hundred years of experience, Greenbrier Rail Services Wheel Division is focused on providing
components and cost effective solutions that meet the needs of the global railway market.


Wheels and Axles

Greenbrier Rail Services supplies both new and reconditioned wheel sets on an outright purchase or exchange basis to railroads, maintenance centers, and repair shops across the U.S. and Mexico. Greenbrier provides total wheel set inventory management to our customers utilizing a proprietary, web-enabled transaction and reporting system. Through this system, our customers realize freight as well as administrative savings on all types of components and procured items.

Every wheel set or axle that leaves one of our shops meets or exceeds Association of American Railroad (AAR M-1003) specifications for quality assurance of new and reconditioned components.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to produce wheel sets to customer specified wheel services criteria for application requirements that exceed AAR guidelines.

Greenbrier Rail Services has a network of strategically located full service wheel and axle shops across North America. At these facilities, Greenbrier Rail Services provides complete wheel and axle services including:

  • Wheel Demounting and Axle Re-qualifying. Un-serviceable wheels are demounted from the axle and scrapped. The loose axle is then cleaned, inspected and checked to make sure that it meets all AAR dimensions / customer specifications before being qualified for re-use.

  • Mounting of new wheels. In the mounting process, new wheels are applied to fully qualified new, reconditioned or secondhand axles. New or reconditioned roller bearings are then applied.
  • Re-profiling of existing wheel sets. In the re-profiling process, a wheel turning lathe removes the minimum amount of service metal from the tread of the wheel to re-contour the wheel surface where it meets the track back to within acceptable specifications. All re-profiled wheels are ultrasonically tested as part of this process. New or reconditioned roller bearings are applied.
  • Application of new or reconditioned roller bearings. This process consists of the removal of the existing roller bearings, inspection of the axle and the application of the new or reconditioned roller bearings.
  • Axle inspection and qualification. Axles are cleaned, inspected and checked to make sure that all AAR dimensions / customer specifications are met before being qualified for re-use.
  • Axle finishing and downsizing. Our Lewistown, Pennsylvania shop is also a full-service axle facility, offering complete axle machining services, including the downsizing of axles to meet all AAR and customer new axle requirements.
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